There are multiple components throughout the planet, which gather information to forecast Earth’s global climate change.

Multiple scientific organizations use one or more components to analyze the collected information to predict the future condition of the planet.

Due to conditions such as equipment age, as well as the rapid pace of change in our climate, the results from the equipment used to collect data vary. My belief is that there is no one specific source which can accurately predict the true future condition of our global climate. My belief is that global climate change predictions can be subjective.

Even though there are inconsistencies in findings, I focus on what I can directly control.  I am an active user of the Phoenix Transit system’s light rail and bus service, I recycle household waste, carpool when available, and remain conscious of local air and noise pollution.  I am also conscious of the dangers of ground water contamination.

Memories of my childhood from the 1970s through 1980s residing in the Maryvale neighborhood area at 65th Avenue and Camelback Road, bring back thoughts of pouring tap water into a clear glass. I vividly recall placing my nose into the partially filled glass and wincing at the faint chlorinated smell of the water. Drinking the water was challenging. I often analyzed the melting ice cubes made earlier from our tap water while they floated. It resulted in small and slightly translucent flakes floating and settling towards the bottom of the glass.

Education and the Economy

My employment with the Texas Employment Commission as an Employment Specialist as well as being twice unemployed, provided direct experience in the challenges of finding employment for the unemployed and more viable employment for the underemployed.

One of many incentives for businesses to relocate to Arizona is being able to more easily access an educated workforce with educational systems in place for their families. Relying largely on the promotion of our State of Arizona having a steady climate has its limitations.

My belief is that identifying skills which offer higher wages in the modern workforce and leveraging the corporate community to assist in integrating these learned skills and training for multiple trades into the public school curriculum, could build a more desirable workforce within our State and attract higher wage paying employers.

Health Care

My graduate studies in Management Science with an emphasis in Health Service Administration as well as being formerly married to a registered U.S. Army nurse, provided exposure to the challenges of America’s healthcare system and its economics.

My Body, My Choice

Years ago, as a bachelor, I was adamant about not remarrying. I was twice divorced and was reluctant to do so again. Until I met, her.

She was in the mailroom of my condominium complex one Thursday evening. I entered the building near the garage and saw her. Coyishly, I entered the mailroom where she stood. I gathered my mail, smiled and said hello to her.

I exited with thoughts of her smiling face. I made note of the day and time she appeared in the mailroom in hopes that I would see her again.

The following Thursday near the same time. I entered the building and saw her again. She stood reading her mail. I found the courage to further introduce myself to her. I learned that she and I had many similar career paths. She was also a military veteran, had a vivid personality and opinionated.

Later, we dated. She then found employment in Texas. She decided to relocate. We remained in constant contact with one another. I monitored her unit while she was in Texas. Months later, she decided that she did not want to be physically apart from me any longer. She was convinced that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. She relocated back home to Phoenix. She insisted I cancel my unit’s existing rental agreement and move into her unit. I did. She then insisted we purchase a unit together. Months later, she sold her existing unit and we purchased and moved into our new unit together. Months later, we eloped on July 3rd and celebrated our honeymoon watching July 4th fireworks.

Years later, her health began to fail. She endured multiple visits and transfers in and out of hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. Finally, my insurance carrier notified me that due to my busy work schedule, I could no longer provide direct care to my wife. Angrily, she agreed to no longer live with me, but be housed in a care home.

It was painful to watch my wife’s condition slowly fail. Over a year, she was housed in a care home. She knew and emotionally accepted that this was her final resting place. Months later, the care provider began to more aggressively recommend that we administer Morphine to ease her pain.

She and I chatted about the recommendation. She was fully aware of what was transpiring. I then asked her if she wanted to continue postponing the inevitable with the use of a lower dosed medication or would she prefer to expedite it with the use of Morphine. Her answer still saddens me. A stern look formed on her face. Then she asked me, “What do you want to do?”

Tearing, I pleaded with her not to lay that burden me. I insisted that she make that decision. She then smiled and agreed to the use of Morphine. We embraced, kissed and shared a few laughs. That would be the last time she would see my face again. Later, she was given Morphine, became comatose for a few days and died. She was later diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was her body. It was her choice.


Eligible voters should have access to online and physical resources, so that they may safely, securely and efficiently vote without fear of it being compromised by cybercriminals or special interest groups.

My experience as a small business owner and former contractor of computer equipment to the United States government, provided direct exposure to available resources of Federal business opportunities.

With these findings, I have drafted a plan to assist American Indian communities in providing a safe and secure method of casting their votes.  Upon election as your Senator, I will share my plan with each community across our State.

What to Expect from Al Jones

As your Senator, I will review legislation from an analytical perspective and gain more direct involvement with all the precinct committeeman within my district.

Precinct Committeemen are local representatives in assigned geographical neighborhoods. The larger geographical legislative district includes multiple smaller precincts.

I intend to stay in contact with our precinct committeemen and gather feedback from them and their neighborhood.